5 Easy Tips to Exercise Consistently

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We know how important it is to exercise. Yet we still struggle to make it happen.

There are so many wonderful benefits to exercise! It not only helps us maintain a healthy weight which in turn prevents so many diseases, it also boosts our mood and gives us more energy. As a busy mom dancing to the rhythms of life, I can use all the energy I can get!

Here’s another great reason to exercise. As we get older our bone density decreases, meaning more brittle bones and more likely to break a hip from slipping on the ice. (Living in Duluth, MN I’m gonna slip on the ice.) Weight lifting improves the strength of our bones. So consistently lift at least twice a week and you’ll be a fierce force on that ice. Not to mention have beautifully defined muscles. Bare those gorgeous arms ladies!  

Still not amped to go workout? How about this one- exercise slows the aging process, making us appear more youthful. At 41 I’m totally cool with that! (My daughter says I look like I’m 20, but I’m pretty sure she’s lying.)

So really, why wouldn’t we exercise consistently?

Here are 5 easy tips to get your body moving and grooving consistently for even the busiest of moms.

Find an activity that you enjoy doing.

This may take a little time as you explore a variety of options, but that’s ok! You won’t know what clicks until you experiment. So go out and have fun! Try a little bit of everything and then settle on one thing. Or maybe two. Just to keep it fresh.

Not sure how to get started? Try Beachbody On Demand for 7 days. There are loads of different workouts to try from yoga, country line dancing, weight lifting, Pilates, boot camp, martial arts…You name it! You can even mix and match! All require minimal equipment and can be done in the gym or at home.

Find the right time of day to exercise.

Take into consideration the activity you’ve settled on, when it may or may not be offered, and the equipment needed.

I highly recommend exercising in the morning. You wake up, exercise, and BOOM you’re done. You’ve already started your day having accomplished something and feeling good. You can never go wrong there. No worries or excuses to avoid doing it later.

Get it done before your brain wakes up and realizes what’s happening.

Need help waking up? These suggestions are taking from Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning. (If you haven’t read the book yet, you most definitely want to. It’s a life changer.)

  • Lay out your workout clothes the night before. Or better yet, sleep in them!
  • Set your alarm and put it across the room.
  • Set a glass of water next to your alarm.
  • Before you fall asleep, repeat your intentions for the morning.
  • When the alarm goes off, turn on the light, drink the water, brush your teeth, get on your workout clothes and BOOM! You’re ready to work out.

This totally works. Try it.

Pick the frequency you’ll complete the activity.

Are you more likely to stick with it 3 times a week or do you need to do something every day?

Years ago I would exercise 3-4 days a week for 45 minutes a day. Nowadays, it’s much more difficult to fit in 45 minutes and for some reason it’s harder for me to be consistent if I take a day off. So I exercise every day for 30 minutes and use walks and yoga for my active recovery days.

Be flexible.

We have seasons in our life. Things change. You gotta be flexible enough to go with the flow and the changing season. If you feel you’re working just a bit too hard at something that was once your favorite activity, take a step back. Assess whether it fits at this moment in your life. Doesn’t mean you have to give it up forever. Just means it’s time to find something different. Be open to readjust and find your new fit.

Decide if you need an accountability partner.

Could be a friend you work out with or a challenge group.

Tell others what your goals are and ask them to keep you accountable. When I ran the marathon at age 40 for the first time, I strategically placed family members along the racecourse to ensure I’d finish. No way did I want to suffer teasing for voluntarily stepping off the course! I also wore a sign that said “Hi, I’m Ami. 1st marathon. Give me a push.” Fellow runners motivated me for 26.2 miles. Some even physically pushed me forward when I needed it!

The point is do what you need to do to succeed in making exercise a habit you enjoy doing.

Trust me. Do it long enough and you’ll feel so good, you won’t want to stop!

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