What will your imprint be?

When you die, how will people look upon your life?

I thought about this a lot as I helped care for my mom during her final weeks.

Let me tell you about my mom.

She was the most amazing woman that I’ve ever known.

She dedicated her life to her children and grandchildren.

She met my dad in college and soon after marrying, left college to start a family. Within 7 years she had that family – 2 boys and me. Throughout her life she was passionate about kids, dedicating her time and energy to raising my brothers and I, and caring for  other kids along the way.

She was a lot like June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver (youngins click here for reference). Like June when we arrived home from school, she was there with attentive ears to hear all about our day. To celebrate our wins and console our losses.

Unlike June, you did not want to cross my mother. She was a fierce woman to contend with because she was true to her word. If she said she’d slash the car tires so as teenagers we couldn’t escape grounding, there was no doubt in our minds that she would. Didn’t matter if it was her vehicle.

She didn’t make a statement she wouldn’t follow through on.

She was brilliant in allowing us to spread our wings of independence yet keeping an eye in case there may be trouble ahead. It wasn’t until I had my own kids that I truly understood.

For instance, we had 3 phones, all landlines, in our house. One in the kitchen, one in the basement, and one in our parents bedroom. Rarely were we allowed to use their phone, so our private phone conversations occurred in the basement. Where unbeknownst to us, everything could be heard through the floor vents.

I told you she was brilliant.

Why do I tell you all of this?

Because my time with her has taught me to live life intentionally and for others.

Every day I make time to work on my mental health so that I can be fully present with others.

So as I start 2018, I think of the imprints I’ll leave behind when my time ends.

My hope is that:

  • My life will inspire others to live their passions. To live everyday to their fullest potential.
  • I’ll have been true not just to myself, but to others as well.
  • I’ll be known as someone who’s word carried weight.

That just as my mom did, people will feel loved, encouraged, and supported in a simple interaction with me. That like my mom I too will encourage and empower others to spread their wings and soar.  

I hope that when I die I imprint upon people memories that they’ll think fondly of long after I’m gone. Memories that bring laughter to their lips, lighten their heart and soul, and bring them closer to God.

We only get one life. No one is brought into this world on accident. There is a reason that each of us were brought to this earth to live during this day and time.

Think about it. You could have been born 500 years ago. But you weren’t. You were brought into this world to live today. Why?

Because you are meant to do great things.

You are worthy of big dreams. You are worthy of making those dreams a reality.

You are worthy of so many wonderful things glorious being. To think anything less is simply a lie.

Don’t forget that.

Become your best self!

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